808 21 Street Southeast, Calgary

Year of Construction: 1911

Built in 1911, this small home is situated on the Bow River on the corner of 21 Street and 7 Ave SE Calgary, formerly the Brewery Area, now known as Inglewood. Originally a small farm (as seen in archival aerial photos of early Calgary) sections of land were eventually sold off to support the family. My small 500 square foot home is a one level bungalow, the 10 foot ceilings in the bedrooms and the tiled gas fireplace are lovingly preserved. The original linoleum in the master bedroom, and the wide planked wooden floors are are well hidden and loved under the current carpeting. The kitchen was added in 1920 – 1930, and the original enamel sink and cupboards are still being used. The bathroom in the basement was added at a later date, replacing the outhouse that was in use. The original siding can still be seen through the windows on the glassed-in sun porch. The white picket fence and the wooden newell posts on the porch are all indicative of the times.
The name on the gate says “Fowler” which in old English times meant ‘birder’, one who hunts with falcons. I think this is appropriate due to the proximity of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. In Calgary, Fowler has a significant meaning to the growth of the city of Calgary, from NWMP constable Harry Fowler in 1900, to Dr. James Fowler in 1941.

On more than one occasion I have been surprised by a woman wearing a bun in her hair and a high necked collared blouse and long skirt seeming to float into my bedroom. She has been seen by both my children and visitors to my home. My dog is very sensitive to her, and follows her with his head as she enters and exits the various rooms. I like to believe this is Mrs. Fowler giving her approval of the love and care given her home.