801 8 Street Southeast, Calgary

This was the home of R. Burton Deane, Superintendent of the N.W.M.P. at Calgary. It was built in 1906 on the Fort Calgary site where the original barracks had been, facing the new officers’ quarters, and is the only surviving building from the early days of Fort Calgary. It was first moved in 1914 to a site near where the Interpretive Centre is at present. It was subsequently moved across the Elbow River in 1929 and set on a new foundation on the present site. This second move was considered to be very significant in its day, and was written up in Popular Mechanics. It has since served as a rooming house, Gaspe Lodge, and as the home of the Dandelion Gallery.

The Deane House is a good example of the foursquare hipped-roof house of its day.
The verandah has received major alterations, as has the interior, but nevertheless it retains its essential original appearance and massing. The house was designated by the Province as a Registered Historic Resource in 1978. (1982)