540 19 Avenue Northwest, Calgary

Year of Construction: 1912

Kaiser (Livingstone) Residence

Our little “yellow house on the corner” is a wood frame home built in 1912. The original homeowner was a German carpenter with the fantastic name of Ebenezer Kaiser. He most likely built the home himself as it is a bit of a collection of styles. The sides of the house would match the Edwardian Gable front style, only it’s the side of the house. With it minimalist adorning; the house is similar to a Cape Cod house in overall layout. The exception of this comes with the bump out sections that are more indicative of a Craftsman style home. Extensive renovations have also made it more difficult to characterize the original style of the home. So we’ve taken to calling this unique combination of Edwardian-Craftsman-Cape Cod home a “Kaiser.” While many renovations and updates have been made, a number of original features are still present including the moldings, hardwood floors, a built in china cabinet and cast iron heating grates.

Ebenezer Kaiser did not live in the house long. In fact, he moved out in 1915, just 3 years after purchasing the property. He didn’t move far – just a few houses down the street to 612 19th Avenue NW where the Livingstone’s lived. It appears they switched houses, as Duncan and Lily Livingstone, who previously lived at 612 moved into this house. Duncan was also a carpenter and his wife, Lily ran a laundry service out of the home. They were originally from Ontario. The Livingstones lived here until their deaths, almost 50 years later in the 1960’s. We can’t blame them for never moving – we love our house and this neighbourhood.