522 18 Avenue Southwest, Calgary

Taken From: http://www.chascalgary.ca/assets/files/poster_beginning.pdf

Canada’s first Junior Red Cross Children’s Hospital
opened on May 19, 1922 in Calgary, Alberta. It was funded by the Junior Red Cross Sick Children’s Fund. This hospital originally accommodated 26 beds. The intent of this hospital was to provide free hospital and medical care for those who could not afford private care.

Children’s Hospital Aid Society members volunteered in the early years through hands-on care and fundraising. The women maintained a ward, supplying linens, towels, pajamas and other
necessary items. They also used their cooking, baking, sewing and knitting skills for bazaars and raffles.

Other fundraising efforts included fashion shows, dog shows, numerous teas and program sales at Calgary
sporting events.

In 1942, CHAS raffled off a house, selling over 80,000 tickets at 50 cents each. This major fundraiser – likely Calgary’s first home lotto – resulted in a gift to the hospital of $19,596!