403 13 Street Northwest, Calgary

Year of Construction: 1912

A mere stripling (compared to others), built in 1912 at the height of the first major boom in Calgary, which petered out in 1913, and died out by the time WW1 had started.

The design is similar to other red brick homes of that era in this neighbourhood: the main floor housed the kitchen, dining room and living room, whereas the upstairs contained the sleeping accommodation (originally 3 bedrooms) and the bathroom facilities. Total surface area per floor was ~ 670 square feet, not including the balcony and verandah.

The house served – for a time – as the rectory for St. Barnabas Anglican Church, located two blocks north.

The house underwent major rebuilds in the 1980’s and 1990’s to make it suitable for suites. The main floor was redeveloped with the addition of a kitchen and bathroom at the back. The sleeping accommodations were reduced to only two bedrooms.

The last owners of the property loved it and took excellent care of it, but six years and three babies later, it became pretty obvious that the two bedrooms were not going to ‘cut the mustard’ for a growing family. They sold the house in November of 2010 and I was fortunate enough to acquire it.