304 10A Street NW

Year of Construction: 1911

Our home was born in 1911 and it has seen a lot of change over the years! Looking at the Henderson Directories, there weren’t too many years where our home had a long-term resident, at least until the early 1950’s when the directories were no more.

The turn-over in residents likely continued for a lot of years because until ~1991, the house was divided into 3 separate suites–up, main, and downstairs. It was then converted to a single family home.

We think our house may have once been a simple 1 1/2 story, because the dormers that extend our upstairs living space to a full 2 stories give us a roof-line like few others. It’s been given a bit more space with an addition in the back, but it’s otherwise pretty cozy! We moved into our home in 2003 and we’ve been giving it a lot of love & attention. We always thought it odd that it was one of the few original homes on the street without a porch. In the 1911 city fire insurance maps, we noted it had one…so this year, we put it back!
Over the years, we’ve found some interesting things in the walls as we’ve done our renos…if only the walls could talk.