2622 14A Street Southwest, Calgary

Welcome to our home. It was built in 1908 and was first owned by a printer named Henry Chapman. Henry originally lived next door at 2624 14A Street, but didn’t move in to the home until 1913. Unfortunately, there are no available records regarding the occupants until 1912 when a carpenter by the name of Evan Hoel moved in. We can only speculate that the home either sat vacant or was rented to other labourers before Mr. Hoel made it his residence.

In 1920 Henry Chapman sold the home to W.C. Cooper, a notable Real Estate and insurance man. His real estate and insurance business, W.C. Cooper and Co. was located in the historical Burns Block on the corner of Centre Street and 8th Ave SW. Cooper was an officer of the Calgary Round Up Club, and would also go on to become the mayor of Cardston, AB in the 1950’s.

In 1918, Edward McMahon occupied our home. He was employed by AB Cushing Lumber Company. In 1921, after W.C. Cooper purchased the home, Roland Wilbraham, a traffic manager for JH Ashdown Hardware Company moved in, staying until 1927. The next known occupant was
C. Underwood in 1929. Bankview was where the laborers who built our city made their homes.

On 14th Street directly behind our home was known as the commercial district. In 1914, Lincoln Dairy opened on the corner of 14th Street and 26 Ave where the gas station is now located. Our home saw several commercial businesses come and go from the great depression to the roaring 20’s. Payne’s South Calgary Grocery opened where the former Lincoln Dairy had been. The neighborhood also became home to Higgy’s Pharmacy, Jenkins’ Groceteria, Prospect Grocery, Shamrock Meat Market, and a branch of the discount chain Piggly Wiggly.

We love our century home and although it has endured several changes over the years, we continue to embrace the sense of history, adding our own stories while looking forward to the next century.