2510 17A Street Southwest, Calgary

The House

Constructed in 1912, this simple starter cottage provided a home for a young family on the outskirts of Calgary.

When first built, the house did not have a verandah – this was added on in the late 1920s, at which time a garage was also constructed (since demolished). Otherwise, the outside of the home remains largely as it was originally constructed, with original siding and trim.

The interior of the house has been modernized in recent years, but the house continues to retain some original pieces, including:
• Clawfoot Tub
• Antique Heat Registers
• Fireplace and Mantel
• Original Baseboards and Casings

As well, the upstairs layout has for the most part, remained the same as it was 100 years ago.

The house was originally 2512 17A Street SW. The lot to the south was forfeited to the City for outstanding taxes in the 1920s and then combined with the house in 1949. In the mid-1980s, the land was subdivided, resulting in the current house to the south. At this time, the house was renumbered to be 2510 17A Street SW.

The Owners

John Johnston had only recently immigrated to Canada from his native England in 1911 before purchasing this home and bringing his wife and three teenage sons over in 1912. Mr. Johnston supported his family by working as a Picture Framer at the Hudson’s Bay Company downtown. The Johnstons made this house their home for 6 years before moving closer to downtown.

Alex and Margaret Sutherland purchased the property in 1918 and lived in the house for 32 years – making them the longest owners. They befriended James & Rose Fitzsimmons, their neighbours to the south at 2518 17A ST SW (since demolished). The families were close friends and spent much time gardening the surrounding vacant lands.

The Fitzsimmons eventually purchased the home in 1950 and lived here until 1973. The home was then owned by three different companies and was rented out to many different people over this 26 year period.

In 2000, Rhian Evans purchased the property and began a series of renovations to the home to modernize and to sensitively restore the home’s original features. Subsequent owners have continued this trend. The result: a cozy, modern cottage providing a pleasant and unique refuge in the heart of Bankview.


1912 – 1918: John Johnston
1918 – 1950: A & M Sutherland
1950 – 1974: J & R Fitzsimmons
1974 – 1985: Jerol Investments / Stener Management
1985 – 2000: Stochin Petroleums Ltd.
2000 – 2005: Rhian Evans
2005 – 2006: Bronwen Brown
2006 – 2008: K & L Pocklington
2008 – Today: Current Owners