2414 16 Street Southwest, Calgary

2414 16 St SW
Built: 1912

As is the case with many houses crafted in the Calgary boom years of 1901 – 1914, records and history for this home have faded into the past.

We do know that in 1914 C. Montrose Wright owned this house and the one to the north at 2412. We wonder how he characterized himself: developer? investor? speculator?

He did not live here and owned it only for a couple of years, according to the records we have. This house was vacant in 1914. When we learned that Mr. Wright was a local solicitor in the firm of Griffiths, Ford, Wright and Miller, and that he lived at 1135 – 13 Avenue W, not far from the Lougheed House, we can guess that he was ‘investing’ in this suburb of Calgary.

For 1915 – 1916, Mr. Wright seems to have rented to John J. McLellan, a traveling salesman with Western United Thrashermen, Ltd. Did he have a family? This house was big enough for a wife and children to join him. Or, did he join the Canadian forces at war in Europe? We ask this because in 1916 the ownership of this home passed to Elizabeth M. McLellan.

By 1919 there is a John White living here. We are not sure what his profession is but, that “Ain’t Nobdoy’s Business But [his] Own”. Bert Williams released that song and it was number 1 on the US Billboard charts that year for six weeks.

And then in 1920 Arthur H. Webster resides here. He is the chief of the land listing department of the Soldiers Settlement Board. Did he introduce 2414 to its first radio?

Mr. Andw Baillie was a storekeeper who resided here in 1933. After work he likely invited his chums over to roll the dice and move the silver dog, shoe, or horse, across Park Place and Boardwalk. Monopoly which was released this year.

1954 had Joseph Pashak who did maintenance at the Glencoe. Did he walk to work? Or drive a 1954 Chevrolet Nomad? It would take him so long to parallel park that vehicle that he likely wouldn’t have time or energy to prepare a meal. Good thing Swanson released the very first T.V. dinner in April, 1954.

Geraldine Maxwell and Barbara Tanner resided here in 1964. He worked for London Life Insurance. Geraldine likely listened to the Rolling Stones debut album in the living room while Barbara read Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel.

In 1974, Reinhold Javernek resided here as a construction worker.

All of these people, and others who lived afterwards here, would have been close neighbours of the others in these similar homes on this hillside location tucked away here in Bankview.

Assuming they all bathed, the following
people have been in this clawfoot bathtub:
• John J. and Elizabeth McLellan 1915
• John White, 1919
• Arthur H. Webster, 1920
• Andw Baillie, 1933
• Joseph Pashak, 1954
• Geraldine Maxwell & Barabara Tanner 1964
• Reinhold Javernek, 1974

These names were retrieved from Hendersons Archives located at the Downtown Calgary Public Library.