2210 8 Street Southeast, Calgary

Hello friends!
My name is Ryan and I bought this house just over 2 years ago. It was my first time buying and I was pretty nervous about owning such an old house, but it has worked out great and I absolutely love this place.
One thing I love the most about living here is the community. Thanks to the friendly Ramsay members who helped out with this project, I was able to look up the history of my house! It turns out it was first owned by J.J. Webster who was the Transportation Manager at Robin Hood Mills. It was then owned in 1913 by Thomas Wilson, who was an Engineer for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
My lovely girlfriend Lara suggested that I google these two folks, and while I couldn’t find anything on Mr. Webster, it turns out that Tom Wilson was an interesting character indeed.
Tom was an adventurer who was the first non-native to see Lake Louise (Lara and I ski and hike there all the time), although his original name of “Emerald Lake” was later changed by the Geographical Society of Canada. No problem for Tom though, because by the time the map had come out he had found and named the current Emerald Lake in Yoho park.
He was also friends with Albert Rogers, after whom the Roger’s Pass is named, as they had met the day after his first trip to Lake Louise. He came to Calgary as a packer for the mountain section of the CPR, where he worked with Rogers.
Some of you might be familiar with the famous picture: “Donald Smith drives the last spike at Craigellachie”. Somewhere in all the fine hats and classy moustaches is Tom Wilson, who was quite a long ways away from Ramsay at the time (but at least could then take the train home).
I’m planning on finding out more about Mr. Wilson, as I hope he’d be glad to know that there’s another engineer living in his house who loves adventuring in the same mountains he first visited (albeit with a bit more technology than he had).
Thanks Tom and Ramsay!
-Ryan and Lara