2206 14A Street Southwest, Calgary

In its first 43 years, Our Home had seen many families witnessed many lives unfold.
Our home began being built in 1912 by builder Robert H. Mackenzie. Once completed, in1914, Robert and his Wife, Hattie, moved into the home and were to stay there until after his retirement in 1938.
When he died shortly after 1938, Hattie stayed in their home until1945 when it was sold to Mr. V. Jackman.
The house had many different residents over the next 10 years and was owned/inhabited by a total of 8 others (plus their significant others and children!!) before the year 1955.
1947 brought with it a Mr. M. W, Budgh
1948 & 1949 bought by a Mr. B. Chase Jakeman who was a sergeant with the RCMP. Mr. Michael Badyk and his wife Margaret, rented the house, or a portion of it, from him for these two years and then continued residing through the change of ownership in 1950. Some sources state Michael as the head of house, others state Mr. Jakeman.
1950 A new decade and a new couple to own the home. Mr. William Banks, an employee of Union Tractor & Equipment, and his wife Flora bought this house and continued to have the previous tenants(?), Michael and Margaret Badyk, in the home. Michael made a living as a Porter working with the Post Office.
1951 -1953 The house, again, changes hands when Mrs. Phyllis Kiss buys the home. Mrs. Kiss worked at the Steno Cockshutt Farm Equipment.
1954 Comes Harry Roy Wilson and his wife Ester. Harry worked as a waiter at the Royal Hotel and are the last owners up to 1955.

There are many charming features of this 1912 home:
A sister house directly beside
Square columns
Cedar shingles and narrow cedar siding
6 patterned stained glass windows throughout the home
2 original gas fireplaces (a 3rd hidden behind a bookshelf)
Original fir plank flooring