2124 Cliff Street Southwest, Calgary

Here is a 1910 subdivision plan of the area. Most of the street names changed when the community was annexed in 1907, but our street, Cliff Street has not changed (although it was sometimes referred to as 5A or 51/2 Street in directories).

Here is a 1915 photo of the community before there were any schools. At that time it was called “an Extension of Mount Royal.” Holy Angels was built in 1919. The bungalow school to the south, built in 1920, took its name Cliff Bungalow School from the street. The community was later named Cliff Bungalow for the school.

In 1911, the year before the house was built, Mrs. Rutherford owned the lot. In 1912 the owners and first residents were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Crawford. The land was valued at $1200 and the new house at $600. Andrew was the proprietor of the Royal Tailoring Company (Agents for the Rex Tailoring Company of Toronto) located at that time in the historic Carscallen Block in Sunnyside at 116 10th Street NW (extant). A tenant, W. Elliott also lived there. The second resident was R.J. Riddle, a CNR trainman.