1914 5 Street Southwest, Calgary

Year of Construction: 1912

1914 5th Street SW was built in 1912 during an economic boom in Calgary that lasted from about 1908 to 1914. Calgary annexed the district in 1907 and installed sidewalks, streetcar service, and water/sewer and electric service in 1909, after which many homes, including this one, were built in this area. The first and second residents of this house were M.F. Breckenridge, and George Kennedy, respectively.

Like many houses built at that time, this house is wood-frame construction with a brick veneer. It was built as a single family dwelling but spent the middle part of its life as a multi-suite residence with kitchens and bathrooms on the first and second floors and in the basement. It has been owner-occupied by the current residents since 1978 and was restored to its original floor plan in 2009, in time for its 100th birthday. The house includes its original leaded glass windows, as well as some newer ones. The main floor ceiling height of nearly nine feet is fairly typical for many of the homes built at that time.