1909 17 Avenue Southwest, Calgary

1909 – 17 AV SW



This residence originally addressed as 1803 – 18ST W began construction in 1910. It’s 1st owner, Mr. Sylvester Langley, was also the builder of this Queen Anne style home. He moved into his residence in 1912 and lived here until 1921

Years later, Mr. Langley constructed this house in the adjacent community of Scarboro (see photograph)

The 2nd owner, Dr. Douglas E. Gray, took possession in 1921 and lived her until 1928. Mr. Gray was an employee at 5 C.R .

The 3rd owner, G. M. Whicher lived here from 1929 – 1930. He was involved in a drama group (back row, second from left) in earlier years .

Mr. Wm. Davidson, secretary at the Bank of Montreal, was the 4th owner in 1931.
Mr. Harry Bluck, secretary to district superintendent of Bank of Montreal was the 5th owner in 1932 .
Owner #6: Isabelle de Bellefeuille owned this home from 1933? – 1935 .
Owner # 7: in 1936, Lt Col. MacDonell E.E C resided at this home .
This residence was duplexed in 1940 .

Other information gathered recently by visitors to this building :

1951: Al McInnis (accountant in Calgary) was born in this home. Owner: Alfred J .
1970: Gordon Atkins firm bought this building and ran their architect business from here .
2000: “Picture This” photography company operated their studio from this location .
2010: Elliott & Company CMAs purchased this building and currently operates their accounting business from here as well as having residential tenants leasing part of the building .

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