1736 14 Avenue Southwest, Calgary

In 1911, the land was purchased by H.T. Kirby, a Police Officer with the City of Calgary. He purchased the land for the sum total of $790.00. He did not build on the land and allowed his taxes to fall in arrears. In 1912, the lots were bought by Colgrove Land Co., and construction of the house commenced. It was purchased by Clarence A. Lynch. (Conductor), for the sum of Seven Thousand Dollars. He owned the house for a year and then sold it to Agnus McPherson (Rancher) for the sum of $7,550.00. He owned the property until the bank, Toronto General Trusts Corporation foreclosed on the property. The Trust Corporation owned the property for three years. At this time, 1736 – 14th Avenue SW. became a rental property and was turned into a Rooming House. In 1934 the house was sold to Samuel Mayhood, a Loan Inspector for the Toronto General Trust Corporation. He purchased the property for $4,500.00.
Samuel Mayhood returned the property into a single family dwelling. The Mayood family lived in this house and Community for 38 years.
In 1972, the house was sold for $30,000.00, and was sold again in 1973 for $31,000.00. In 1976, the house was bought for the price of $87,000.00.
In 1978 Dr. David Lovick bought the property for $162,000.00.
David and his wife Jennifer, are still the proud owners of their much loved home. While doing renovations to the home, letters, post cards, books, toys and a rusty pair of skate blades have been found and are proudly displayed throughout the house.