1720 30 Avenue Southwest, Calgary

The King Edward Arts Hub and Incubator is the first project of cSPACE, a non-profit real estate enterprise dedicated to developing a network of multi-disciplinary creative workspaces across the city. Vacant for over a decade, cSPACE is transforming this 100-year-old sandstone school into a 21st Century hub for Calgary’s artists, social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to innovate and thrive. This transformation will celebrate the unique legacy of the school, reinstate its place as a vital heritage landmark and ensure its sustainable future within the community.

King Edward School is one of 19 sandstone schools built between 1892 and 1920. The school is distinguished by its Edwardian design with cupolas along its roofline and stone that was quarried from the Oliver Brothers quarry nearby for an estimated construction cost of $172,000 in 1912.
King Edward School opened on November 1, 1913 by principal William Aberhart who later served as Alberta’s first Social Credit premier from 1935 until 1943.

During its history the school acted as an important community social centre, supported cadet training during WWI, pioneered the provincial junior high model in 1931 and during WWII housed the Calgary Normal School where teachers were trained. In 2001 the CBE discontinued classes at King Edward and the school has remaining largely unused since that time. In 2011, after two previous failed purchase attempts by the private sector, King Edward was sold to cSPACE to be held in the public trust, in perpetuity.