1705 Bowness Road Northwest, Calgary

We don’t yet know alot about the story of our home. We purchased it in 2004 and we have lovingly restored many parts of the house including the exterior while also adding a front porch. Along the way we discovered that our home is a typical Sears home made of fir balloon framing. The mudroom at the exterior of the house was added in the 30’s we guess because the foundation is made of fir and there is no plywood in the addition which would have been used if it was added after WWII. We have some fun WWII propaganda on one of our beams in the basement. Over the years, our home has been pale yellow, bright pastel green, navy blue and today is a rich red with yellow and green trim. During the addition of our front porch, we had to put some concrete pilings in the ground to provide foundation support. When drilling/digging for the pilings, we found the remnants of an old metal bed frame. It was in there good, so we left it and its still in there today.

From the family perspective, atleast two children have been born in our home including our daughter.