124 7 Avenue Northwest, Calgary

Archibald John McArthur 1857 – 1911
Archibald moved to Calgary in 1887, He was active in the community, founding the Calgary neighborhood of Crescent Heights. He and his family lived at 208 Crescent Road NW, the current site of the Mormon Church.
He served on the YMCA board of directors in Calgary, and became Deacon of the First Baptist Church. In 1904 he founded Knee Hill Coal Company located near Carbon, Alberta.
Archibald used his community involvement to help win a bitter by-election for the Alberta Liberal Party on October 3, 1910 against well known incumbent and Calgary rancher Ezra Riley. McArthur died a year later in 1911 vacating his seat in the Alberta Legislature. His brother John Peter McArthur ran for the Liberals in Archibald’s place, and faced Ezra Riley’s brother Harold Riley in the brothers by-election.
Archibald subdivided and developed portions of Crescent Heights between 1908 – 1911. He sold this property (124 7th Ave. N.W.) to William Douglas Eckford in Feb 1911 for $1,000, the original Land Tiles state two conditions of sale, that the property may not be used for the sale of intoxicating liquors or as a house of ill fame.
Archibald died later that year and left his estate valued at $590,000 to his widow, Catherine McCannel & two sons, Peter Donald, and Achibald Alexander. Catherine was a savvy business woman and enlisted the help of James Short, attorney to help her manage her vast land holdings and financial concerns. Catherine was involved with the establishent of Crescent Heights Park, the land for the Technical School that became Crescent Heights High School, the right of way for the Centre Street Bridge and gifting land to the Crescent Heights Baptist Church.