1112 2 Street Northeast, Calgary

May 1913:
 Building Permit was issued to ER Matthews
o Owned Lot’s 18, 19 and 20 (as shown on Calgary’s Colletor’s Roll)
o Dr. William Ernest Spankie owned Lots 16 and 17 (as shown on Calgary’s Colletor’s Roll)
o William Ernest Spankie, 1884-1974, was born in Kingston, Ontario and in 1906 received his medial degree from Queen’s University. He came to Calgary, Alberta in 1908 and practiced as a physician until retiring in 1968. Spankie was very active in the Masonic lodge, the Elks lodge and the Conservative Party. He and his wife, Maud Amelia Harvey, ?-1966, had one daughter Evelyn M. (Bohannon), 1913-2007 (from Glenbow Archives)
 Estimated Cost: $2,000.00
 At this time the area was called Regal Terrace

 The house was built and the value of the buildings was $600.00
 The style of the house is Edwardian Gable Front Home
 It is believed that for the first 10 years or so this was a boarding house or a rental house as the Henderson Directories show people only stayed for a year or two and then moved on.

Longest Resident (1956 – 1978):

 Mr. Robert C Hartle and Mrs. Winnifred Hartle and their only daughter Gail
o Mrs. Winnifred Hartle’s parents Louie and Bertie Greenwood spent their honeymoon at the first Calgary Stampede in 1912
o Their daughter Gail now resides on the Cortes Island, BC

Interesting Points

 In the spring of 2011 when the house was sold to the current owners an amazing article was published in Swerve Magazine.

 The house was painted in 2002 to it’s now beautiful orange color but prior to that it was white with green shutters. The first floor windows are still original as are the hardwood fir floors. It maintains its heritage feel with the modern conveniences