1024 Maggie Street Southeast Calgary, Calgary

Year of Construction: 1906

Well – I don’t know what I thought I did and it’s all thanks to Century Homes 2012!
I talked a neighbor (who rents their 1906 home) into participating in the project – 2 days before ‘launch’. What was I thinking?!?
Anyway – they tracked down the owner and got the required permission and because I didn’t feel it would be very neighborly to just dump the research on my new neighbors with a deadline of roughly 36 hours to completion, I agreed to help out.
I arranged a sign and banner to be dropped off and started digging for anything about the house. Literally – anything – as we knew nothing other than the fact it is constructed of brick. I had attended an event just a week or so earlier held at our community hall about interest in inventorying potential heritage buildings in Calgary, and in particular for this event – Ramsay. I recalled seeing a photo of my neighbors little brick house with the caption “first Post Office”, so I sent off an email to the organizers and asked if I could use that information for the Century Homes Project and was thrilled to receive not only permission but scans of 2 old Calgary Fire Insurance Plan maps which specifically indicate brick buildings which is why they are of interest in researching my neighbors house. The maps are dated September 1910 and October 1911.
Here is where I learned that I didn’t know what I thought I did about MY house, which is located at the corner of McDonald Ave & Maggie St…well that’s where it’s been located since sometime between Sept 1910 and Oct 1911. Prior to that it sat 1 lot to the north of it’s current location in the middle of what is now (an apparently extended) McDonald Avenue! Hmmmm – I have much more digging to do at the City Archives between now and July 26th.
So – thank you to everyone who organized this fantastic and now ongoing project! It was wonderful to see so many homes in so many communities participating and I know it will only grow.