1001 19 Avenue Southeast, Calgary

The Beers house was built in 1908 by a carpenter by the name of John Beers. At this time the home had only one room. In 1912 more rooms, a porch and front yard was added, then in 1923 it was purchased by two brothers by the name of Morris. One brother was a constable of the Calgary Police force which had only 11 members at that time. The other brother was a butcher, he removed the front porch and added the storefront, signage and carriage house that you will see on the property today.

The home has seen several owners and uses, from Chinese grocery, drama rehearsal and set storage, to private residence, catering company and most recently an art studio and show space for Calgary born artist Rhonda Thurn.

The signage with “Beers House est 1908” was painted by Rhonda to honour the houses history, however this is problematic at times as many passersby seem to think that it is a pub or cold beer store.

There has also been speculation as to wether or not the butcher or other past residents still reside in the home in a spectral form but the current owners have seen no such evidence.

The home has seen several evolutions and despite its age, its character seems to transition from use to use with ease. It is a landmark and an integral part of the heritage of the community of Ramsay.