49 25 Avenue SW

Photo courtesy of volunteer.

My grandparents, Albert E. and Ellen Fairley, came to Calgary in 1907 and
1908 respectively. A carpenter, Grandad built many homes in Calgary. They
first lived at 2402- First St. S.E. which was demolished for the apartment
building which a welder’s torch unfortunately set on fire. The home my
mother was born in (1914) was built ca1910/1911 and is still standing at 49
(formerly 209) 25th Ave. S.E. The trees in the photo were planted in 1909
and the photo was taken in 1923.

It’s neighbour, #45 (formerly 211) 25th Ave. S.E. was only intended to be a
temporary shack to be used during construction. The basement had a dirt
floor and the toilet there was accessed via a trap door in the kitchen
floor! Built before 1910, it was extended by Ben Cook; three children were
raised in this tiny home! It was owned by the Cooks from ~1913 until the
owner’s death in the 1970s, a complication following a hip fracture incurred
chasing kids throwing garbage or rocks onto her property. The house is still