1644 Broadview Road NW

Photo courtesy of homeowner.

1644 Broadview Road NW

Built in 1912, renovated in 2001

–       First resident Jenetta Davidson in 1913

–       Other early residents were a plumber, physician, manager, reverend, musician, traveler, clerk, and 2 employees of the Hotel Wales and Alexandra Hotel.

–       Built with balloon framing construction techniques, which replaced hand-made, labour-intensive timber-frame and log-cabin methods.

–       Common technique in early 1900s in Calgary. (Now platform framing is used.)

–       Required standardized lumber (sawn at a lumber mill) and huge quantities of nails (once very costly) to hold it together.

–       Advantages: construction skills easily mastered, and a few men could build a house quickly.

–       Studs run the full height of the building, requiring expensive long boards. Floor joists sit on a sill, nailed to the studs. Skeleton gets lateral strength through sheathing with milled boards (not plywood sheets) nailed to the frame and covered with siding.

(source: Homes in Alberta: Building, Trends, and Design by Donald G. Wetherell and Irene R. A. Kmet,©1991, page 140-141)

A Socialist Party of Canada “Workers of the World Unite” document  was found inside the ceiling of this house. Probably dates from time of construction, not only because of the political sentiment, but also because the paper was very old, crumbly and fragile. The full text is available on this house’s page on the website at www.fuzzylogic.ca/broadview100. Here’s an excerpt:


Are you going to express your approval of this present system of OWNERSHIP OF THE MEANS WHEREBY YOU LIVE by a small class of UNNECESSARY and absolutely useless CAPITALISTS? Are you not yet alive to the fact that the Old Political Parties, both Liberal and Conservative, are invariably working for the absolute subjection of YOUR CLASS, the only necessary class in Society To-day? Do you realize the fact that all Liberal and Conservative Governments are making laws that have the effect of separating you from the Ownership of property in any form? Do you know that wealth today consists chiefly in the power to command the Labor of hordes of propertyless Slaves called WAGE SLAVES? Don’t you see that it is you that create all the means of life today, and that it is for the purpose of preventing your making use of that wealth that Liberal and Conservative Governments exist?

Or, Are YOU going to express your dissatisfaction of this present SYSTEM of ever increasing UNEMPLOYMENT AND MISERY in your class

By Voting For the Party That is Your Class,


of the working-class, the Party that is steadily advancing towards Political Power, the only Party that has for its Object the ECONOMIC FREEDOM of all?


1600 block of Broadview Road

This land was originally part of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s main line grant. On May 16, 1901, Lawrence W. Herchmer of Calgary purchased, from the CPR, the north 1/2 of Section 17, Township 24, Range 1, west of the 5th Meridian for (150.9 acres) for $15 per acre.

In 1910, the City of Calgary annexed our neighborhood, then called Westmount (or Westmont). Originally our street was Third Avenue SW and Kensington Road was Centre Avenue. The name was changed to Broadview Road NW around 1928.

In 1912, there were 17 houses in this block of Broadview Road. All but one remain. Past residents of all of them are shown on: