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We have 360+ sites participating in 2013!

If you’d prefer to print off the addresses and carry them around on your walking tours of your community, feel free to print off our Century Homes Calgary 2013 Address List

Century Homes Calgary 2012 Database

Photographs of Century Homes participant’s houses and yard signs taken during Historic Calgary Week, July – to Aug 3 2012 are now part of Calgary Public Library’s Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library as a legacy database.  Click here to access the database.

February 18 – Heritage Canada Foundation Heritage Day

Good Neighbours: Heritage Homes and Neighbours

What a great theme for 2013!  It fits right into the Century Homes Calgary Celebration…

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Century Homes Calgary 2012 wraps up the summer with the ‘House Party of the Century!

The volunteers of the Century Homes Calgary project thanked their sponsors and the owners/residents of the more than 500 homes that signed up this past summer. The project ran during Historic Calgary Week (July 27-Aug 6) and was attended by thousands of Calgarians in more than 30 communities across Calgary.
It was over coffee back in July, 2011 that a few folks with a passion for heritage buildings and community collaboration, got together and decided to accomplish the following:

1. To connect/collaborate with as many century-home owners as possible to celebrate their home’s 100th (or near 100th) anniversary and to commemorate the Calgarians who had formerly lived in these homes and built our communities and engage the wider public (all Calgarians) to encourage them to visit the older neighborhoods and learn about the homes and communities.
2. To provide support and assistance to century-home owners to enable them to research their home’s history and write their home’s story on signs to be posted for public display.
3. To capture their home’s history and historical details for future use in a database.

Thank you participants for your enthusiasm and help in making the project a success! We will be holding a similar event in 2013 so hang onto your banners & yard signs and check out in the New Year for further details.
The Century Homes Committee would also like to thank the following sponsors/supporter for making this project possible: the City of Calgary Heritage Planning, the City of Calgary’s Council Strategic Initiative Fund, the City of Calgary Corporate Records, Archives, the Calgary Public Library (Community Heritage and Family History), the Calgary Heritage Authority, the Calgary Heritage Initiative, the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, Calgary 2012, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, Halyna Tataryn, Debbie Ferguson, Rick Clowes, the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association, and the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association.

Printable Tour of 508 Homes!

We have 508 homes participating in 2012!  What an achievement…

If you’d prefer to print off the addresses and carry them around on your walking tours of your community, feel free to print off our Century Homes Calgary 2012 Address List !

ps. And if you were looking yesterday, yes it was only 484 homes yesterday – that’s how many more people joined in the last 24 hours!  Amazing eh?

424 11A Street NW

If you want more inspiration for your yard sign, here’s an example, by one of our committee members!

Photo courtesy of homeowner.

1905 Cottage House

232 6A Street NE (formerly Dresden Street)

This cottage home was built in 1905. It probably was the first house to occupy this block on what was then known as Dresden Street in the community of Germantown (later Riverside and now Bridgeland).

Between 2006 through 2008 the home’s interior was significantly redesigned and modernized and won a design award – keeping only the exterior framework; the original fir floors and the area below grade.

Who lived in this home prior to 1910 is unknown, but the two known original owners (as of 1910) were two Italian neighbours who subdivided the property within a short period of time and both worked at the City of Calgary. Guiseppe Boffa emigrated to Canada in 1907. He lived at this address until 1912 with his wife and four children, moving to a larger home a few blocks away on the side of the hill on the west side of Edmonton Trail; then moved to Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario in 1916; then along with his wife and one of their daughters returned to the town of Piozzo in Italy in 1938 where they presumably lived out their lives.

Domenica Carreno emigrated to the USA in 1900 and came to Canada sometime after the San Francisco earthquake and fire. He lived next door (at #230) with his wife, five children and three boarders as recorded in 1911 until 1916. He then along with his family moved to Hollywood, California to join the eldest son who left for California the year prior. Domenico passed away in Los Angeles during September 1943.

From the 1920s to the 1970s the home was occupied by three different employees of CP Rail and their spouses and children (if applicable) – they were Alex Daubert, Peter Litzenberger and the longest occupants Frank and Francisca Lehnert who stayed for 40 years.

From the early 1970s to late 1990s, the home had many people come and go, with speculators buying and selling it in the 1980s and the condition of the property deteriorated until a young couple purchased it in 1999 and later facilitated the extensive renovations which began in 2006.


Of Century Homes…  Check out this charming house that will be participating in the celebration at the end of the month!



Are you wondering what the “Century Homes” signs could look like?  Check out the sample below, from one of the passionate Century Homes committee members… 

Constructed in 1913 at the end of a frenzied housing boom, this wood frame house was built in the Edwardian vernacular style.  Less ornamental than the previous Victorian style architecture, and referencing classical architectural elements, this house demonstrates several features from this time period.

  • it’s steep gabled roof with shed dormer windows
  • open front veranda with square columns
  • two distinctive exterior cladding materials; wood shingles and narrow boards
  • asymmetrically placed front entrance
  • diamond pattern leaded windows


The original owner of this house was Benjamin A. Huckell, a real estate agent at Sandeman Cope Co.  Mr. Huckell was also a journalist who went on to become famous for winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1937.  He sold the house in 1925 to Frederick C. Potts, a clerk at the Calgary Land Titles Office.


  • Originally part of the Nimmons Ranch, Bankview was annexed to the city in 1908
  • In 1912 typical lots in Bankview were selling for as low as $1,000
  • The southern end of 15th street was originally called Osler St
  • Calgary’s population was around 90,000 in 1914
  • Historian Frederick Hunter has written a history of Bankview