Are you wondering what the “Century Homes” signs could look like?  Check out the sample below, from one of the passionate Century Homes committee members… 

Constructed in 1913 at the end of a frenzied housing boom, this wood frame house was built in the Edwardian vernacular style.  Less ornamental than the previous Victorian style architecture, and referencing classical architectural elements, this house demonstrates several features from this time period.

  • it’s steep gabled roof with shed dormer windows
  • open front veranda with square columns
  • two distinctive exterior cladding materials; wood shingles and narrow boards
  • asymmetrically placed front entrance
  • diamond pattern leaded windows


The original owner of this house was Benjamin A. Huckell, a real estate agent at Sandeman Cope Co.  Mr. Huckell was also a journalist who went on to become famous for winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1937.  He sold the house in 1925 to Frederick C. Potts, a clerk at the Calgary Land Titles Office.


  • Originally part of the Nimmons Ranch, Bankview was annexed to the city in 1908
  • In 1912 typical lots in Bankview were selling for as low as $1,000
  • The southern end of 15th street was originally called Osler St
  • Calgary’s population was around 90,000 in 1914
  • Historian Frederick Hunter has written a history of Bankview